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Premium Domain Names

This article defines premium domain names, gives tips on getting a premium domain name, offers information on securing a premium domain name, where to get a premium domain name, and what you should expect to pay for a premium domain name.

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Getting a Premium Domain Name

If you want a Web site, it is very important that you have a name for it. This is where the domain name comes in. A domain name is what you call your Web site, such as yourname.com. Domain names can be had for a fairly low price, usually between $7 and $35 per year. When you register a domain name, you will have to choose one that has not been chosen. If your preferred name is taken, you either have to choose a different ending (.biz or .net instead of the popular .com), or you have to choose a different domain name.

Premium domain names

Of course, for those who are looking to get a domain name with some sort of search optimization value, or a domain name that describes what they do (beekeeping.com, weddingplanner.com or ebusiness.com), aren’t us lucky. By now, just about every common keyword or catchy, easy to remember domain name has been registered as a .com – and even as a .net or .biz. This is where premium domain names come in.

Premium domain names are those that have already been registered. However, they might be about to expire, or the current owner may be willing to transfer to you, for the right price. A premium domain name is one that is memorable, and that has implications for keyword searches. It is usually short, easy to remember and catchy, and has a proven track record of pulling traffic. These are definite benefits to getting a premium domain name. However, the major drawback is that premium domain names often come with premium prices. They range from $100 to $1,000. Some premium domain names cost tens of thousands of dollars.

Securing a premium domain name

Because there is a market for premium domain names, it is possible to find them through approved domain registrars. Companies like GoDaddy.com, SnapNames.com and Register.com offer access to premium domain names. If there is an owner willing to sell, these registrars can act as brokers, facilitating the transfer and making sure everything falls out properly. An expired domain name, though, has a much more interesting path.

If you are looking for an expired domain name, you can search databases of domain names in various stages of expiration. It is important to note that a domain name does not actually become available until well after the expiration date. First of all, there is a grace period after the domain name expiration in which the current owner can renew. Then there is another expirary period in which the owner has first dibs (but has to pay a higher price to renew). Finally, the domain name goes up for auction. You will have to bid on the domain name. The registrar facilitates the auction, and lets you know if you are out bid. The bidding goes on until only one person is left. Bidding periods extend by a few minutes every time a new bid is placed, so it keeps going as long as people are interested in bidding.

As you can see, the price for getting a premium domain name can go up quickly – and dramatically. However, if you can get a premium domain name, it can help your business. You are likely to get more traffic, and the domain will show up better in search engine results. Additionally, you domain name will be easy to remember and find. You need to consider your business, and whether paying for a premium domain is worth the cost in your case.

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