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Getting a Free Domain Name

This article offers information on getting a free domain name, the pros and cons of free domain names, and getting a free domain name through web hosting. Anything free comes with a price, so keep reading to find out if a free domain name will work for you.

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When you set up shop in cyber space, you need an address so that people can find you. This is very important if you want to garner clients and customers. Many people look for free domain registration. This can have a number of benefits, but there are also some drawbacks. The main benefit to a free domain name is that it is, well, free. But there are some other things you should think about before you get a free domain name.

Realities of a free domain name

In many cases, your free domain name is part of some other domain. For example, Wordpress.com offers you the opportunity to make a simple Web site, using a free domain name. But instead of having your own top level domain name, such as yourcompany.com, you would have a sub-domain: yourcompany.wordpress.com. This might unacceptable on a couple of levels:

1.      It makes it harder for customers to find you. Many customers will assume that your address is your company name. However, if you have a .blogspot or a .wordpress after it, then it is harder to remember, and your potential clients may not ever find you.

2.      It looks unprofessional. A free domain name in this style also looks unprofessional. You do not seem as serious – or at least a bit cheap – if you are not willing to at least buy a cheap domain name. A top level domain name always looks more professional that a subdomain.

Another thing to consider is that sometimes, depending on whether you are getting free Web hosting along with your free domain name, your Web site might have ads on it from other companies and services so that the service can make money off of advertising. This can further alienate customers and project an unprofessional image.

Free domain name through Web hosting

On the other hand, some Web hosts offer free domain names with their Web hosting packages (as long as it is not a premium domain name, or an expiring domain name). This can actually be a good decision. A good Web host that offers a free domain name as one of the value-added portions of its hosting package is a definite plus. You should consider this type free domain name, since it can be a great way to save a little bit when you get a complete package.

There are many benefits to getting a complete package from a Web host. This way, everything you need is covered and serviced. There are plenty of Web hosts out there that offer high quality hosting services that include ecommerce packages, security, email accounts, Web site builders and templates, and free domain name registration. This can also be useful, since it makes it easy to search available domain names and create something that works well with your business style and individual needs.

In the end, you have to decide what is best for you. If you are just setting up a Web site so that you can update your personal life for your friends and family, a free domain name through a free Web host is probably sufficient. But if you are a business looking for a home on the Internet where customers can find you, you might consider paying something for a domain name that exudes an air of professionalism. Additionally, a top level domain name allows for better scaling when you want to make changes and adapt to the changing market. When choosing how to go about getting your domain name, it is a good idea think about the future, and consider the image you are projecting.

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